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Full Day Intensives

“It was an excellent day!! Sir and I learned a lot and look forward to putting our new knowledge to use. As always, Eric Pride is an excellent presenter and his wealth of knowledge is amazing!! Many thanks to everyone for making it such a special day.”

“Sir and I learned a lot and look forward to putting our new knowledge to use…..as always Sir Eric Pride is an excellent presenter and his wealth of knowledge is amazing!!”

“Eric provides an incredible introduction to rope play with knowledge, humor & flair.”

“Knot an ordinary Saturday!”

“To take a beginner from nervous to excited about rope is fantastic!”

“Eric did a wonderful job of providing one on one guidance.”

“ROPESCAPE is exceptional.”

“Excellent and engaging class – it was nice to have lots of time to practice the presented techniques to experiment with variations as well.”

“Very informative. Everything was thoroughly explained and not typical “read from the card” info.”


On Play and S&M

“Your classes were amazing, thank you for sharing. It was a great pleasure meeting you and I hope to learn more from you in the future. Welcome to Texas!”

“I loved both of your classes! The Interrogation class was fun to watch. Even knowing the premise of the class it was cool that the demo bottoms were still affected by the demonstration. I look forward to hopefully catching future demos from you. Thanks for your time and energy!”

“The “Heavy Consensual S&M” class was phenomenal…and very HOT! The connection you made with the demo bottoms just minutes after having met them was amazing. This was one of my favorite demonstrations of the weekend.”

“Wow! Besides being very informative, your hands-on demos were very hot!”

“You got me thinking about the core of who I am. I am no longer afraid about exploring this side of myself.”


On Alternative Relationships

“I changed my weekend plans just so I could attend the next lecture!”

“You have such a way of defining and putting to words things that we struggle to discuss sometimes. I know for me it was an excellent chance for introspection and the workshop gave us tools to make our relationship even stronger!”

“Deeply informative presentation with wonderful exchanges and enlightening ideas.”


On Structured Living and M/s

“Thank you for sharing your insights into the creation of an M/s structured household. Your suggestions on the recruiting process are invaluable to me.”

“I have never seen anyone demonstrate the usage of slave protocols in such an extensive form before!”

“You and Lady Christie have created a wonderful M/s household. Love your approach to multiple-slave team building!”

“You are a great speaker and I learned a lot! I found it very interesting in part because many of the points you discussed are so logical, yet it was only when you articulated them that it clicked. I’m new to the scene and I definitely had some ah-ha! moments.”