On Rituals for Personal and Spiritual Growth

Rituals are prescribed procedures for conducting ceremonies (small or large), religious or nonreligious. They are often performed for their symbolic value for the purpose of, for example,
  • Addressing spiritual, religious, or emotional needs (e.g. medication practices, prayers, put us in the right headspace or make us relax);
  • Creating and strengthening relationship bonds (e.g. building bonds beyond the physical, sharing a special moment);
  • Celebrating that a milestone has been reached (e.g. collaring and capping ceremonies, leaving a problem or issue behind);
  • Announcing affirmations (e.g. *”Master, I belong to you”*, weddings, etc.).
Rituals can be as short and simple as a handshake, or as long and involved as a one-week long wedding ceremony (like the ones in India!).


Rituals are great for personal and spiritual growth. They also provide a safe way to deal with painful memories and experiences, and can help in initiating change and promote healing.

For the last few years I have been exploring the use of rituals in our lifestyle, primarily in small circles of family and friends for cleansing and healing purposes. Sometimes these rituals have contained elements of inspirational readings and divination.

And, I’m curious to hear about your own experiences:
  • What kind rituals do you use or participate in, in your life or in your relationships?
  • What kind of impact do they have on you, your partners, and your relationships?
  • What kind of rituals have you found useful?
On December 9, 2012, I will perform a semi-private cleansing and healing ritual in NYC. For more information go here.

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