Individual Instruction

Eric is available for individual instruction and mentorship, both in-person and long-distance, in topics including:

  • Authority-based relationships (M/s, D/s, Daddy/girl, etc.)
  • Communication and conflict resolution skills for alternative lifestyle relationships
  • Developing and building connection in play and S&M scenes
  • Edge play: Interrogation scenes and mind fucks
  • Leadership and management skills for authority-based relationships
  • Personal growth and individual coaching, for dominants and submissives
  • S&M play dynamics and creativity, for tops and bottoms
  • S&M techniques, from beginning to advanced skill building

Eric is available locally in New York as well as in areas he is traveling to.
For more information about private lessons with Eric, please contact him here.

Why individual instruction?

Today, the community offers many great learning opportunities, from classes and instructionals to multi-day workshops and conferences. In a relatively short amount of time you can learn the basic ins and outs of the lifestyle, safer BDSM practices, play techniques, D/s, and more.

To go beyond the basics, individual instruction and coaching are definitely the most effective, whether you are a dominant/top or submissive/bottom. Here, you have your own teacher and guide that focuses on your own personal needs and educations goals.

How to find a mentor?

To find the right teacher you should consider the following:

  • Knowledge and experience: What do you want to learn? Does the mentor possess these skills and experiences?
  • Teaching skills: How skilled is the teacher in teaching and conveying information?
  • Resources: Besides the one-on-one instruction, what resources is the mentor able to provide to you?
  • Personality and enthusiasm: Having a personable and enthusiastic teacher makes all the difference. He/she will be able to help you past any hurdles and challenges you encounter.

Tips for teachers/mentors

Here are some tips for teachers and mentors:

  • Always be honest
  • Avoid being judgmental
  • Help your student/mentee access resources and further support
  • Be clear about expectations and boundaries
  • Respect confidentiality

Tips for students/mentees

Here are some tips for students and mentees:

  • Accept challenge willingly
  • Be active in your own development
  • Have faith and trust in your teacher/mentor
  • Be willing to discuss issues openly
  • Be ready to take a few risks in order to progress