Another amazing weekend for body and soul @ Southwest Leather Conference! (Phoenix, AZ, January 19-22, 2017)

Yesterday, we returned back home to NYC after an amazing weekend at Southwest Leather Conference (@SWLC) in Phoenix. We bring home many ideas, impressions and experiences to share with the NYC and east-coast communities.

SWLC is one of the five annual regional feeder contests (Northwest Leather Celebration, SouthEast LeatherFest, Master/slave Conference (Northeast) and Great Lakes Leather Alliance are the four other ones) for the International Master/slave contest. SWLC is also the home for the Southwest Bootblack Contest. Congratulations to the SWLC 2017 title family:

  • Teagan the Bootblack (2017 Southwest Bootblack), and
  • Master Dennis and slave Bonnie (2017 Southwest Master & slave).

SWLC offers an awesome lineup of presenters from across the US, several cool play parties, great vending, cigar socials, bootblacks and other festivities throughout the weekend. It was a real treat to do a rope suspension from the “portal” during the play party on Saturday.

This was our second time attending and presenting at this awesome event.

This year I taught classes on spirituality and mind fucks: “Bonding and Spirituality in D/s and M/s Relationships,” and “Fuck with the Mind: Changing Reality Through Head Games.” Many thanks to all of you who came out to my classes – you gave me such a warm welcome and were so involved and interactive throughout. I am very grateful to @Sam_the_SAM and @PrincessEllie919 for demo-bottoming in my mind fuck class. You guys were amazing!

Maybe what SWLC is most well known for is its emphasis on spirituality that culminates in the five hour long Dance of Souls on Sunday. The energy in the room where the dance was held is just incredible — you have to experience it!

SWLC provides a lot of great opportunities to meet new people and socialize with old friends. It was so nice to see and hang out with you all (you know who you are!) from near and far.

We enjoyed seeing APEX’s new space while attending the BBQ they hosted on Sunday evening. Thank you for having us @APEX_Calendar and @ArcherInAZ!

I would like to express our sincere thanks to @slavetina, @just_judi, @azbeachgirl, @azbeachgirl, @Mr_UrukHai and the rest of the organizers and staff at SWLC for producing a wonderful conference (where wonderful is an understatement!).

Just like last year, we felt so very welcome and at home here, and are very much looking forward to coming back again!

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