The NYC Play & Rope Studio Experiment

NYC Play & Rope Experiment

A three-month educational experiment. Every third Thursday. For three hours.

Did you know that in the last few years I have been teaching and presenting more outside New York City than here?

In an attempt to change that a bit, I am going to conduct an educational experiment called the NYC Play & Rope Studio. Once a month, for the next three months, I will be organizing a three-hour long evening workshop for the rope and BDSM communities in NYC. Each workshop will be held on the third Thursday of the month (subject to availability of our venue).

Who are the workshops for? 

  • The workshops are geared towards beginning, intermediate and advanced players alike. Yes, there will be cool stuff for everyone. Maybe even awesome stuff, if you bribe me with a big apple.
  • They will be open to any gender, identification, age, etc. You got it, they will be open to anyone who actively participates.
  • You will need to come as a bottom/top or switch pair – bring a play partner or partner, or pair up with friend for the workshop.
  • If you are unpartnered and want to come to the workshop, just bring a “workshop buddy” or “workshop partner.” Yes, a kinkster friend is perfect. All of the exercises will be done in “pairs.” In addition, I will help facilitate for those looking for a workshop buddy (just email me).

What is the format of the workshops? 

  • The workshops will be active, interactive and hands-on. You betcha I will make you work all throughout. Any bottom/top or switch pair who attends will actively participate.
  • The number of attendee slots will be small (think, very small!). Therefore you will be asked to reserve your slots ahead of time.
  • The workshops will focus not just on toys and techniques (such as that of throwing a whip or flogger, or tying a chest harness or a hog tie) but also on intention, connection and scene dynamics. Together, those aspects can help create meaning and purpose to what we do (big words, I know!).
  • They will provide opportunities to learn, examine and practice different kinds of rope and BDSM play scenarios, from the sensual to the more edgy and extreme.

How does the workshop organization work? 

  • The workshops will be held on the third Thursday of the month, starting on October 20. The other ones will be on November 17 and December 15 (subject to the availability of the space). The time for the workshops will be 7:30 pm – 10:30pm.
  • The workshops will be held at a location in Dumbo/Brooklyn. The space is near the subway and easy to get to.
  • For safety reasons, and because of the location of the space, anyone wanting to attend will be vetted.

After three months of experimenting, what will happen? 

  • Some experiments work, some don’t. That’s life. We won’t know unless we experiment, right?
  • If I haven’t scared you away, brought you to tears or hysteric laughter, or made you into vanilla ice cones (more radical things have happened, trust me!); I may continue to run the experiment.

There you have it. The experiment. Three months, third Thursday, for three hours.

I hope you decide to join me, whether for just one of the workshops or for all three months.

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