Thank you! (Charlottesville (VA), June 10-11, 2016)

Edgeplay, Charlottesville, va

Hello friends,

Huge thanks to all of you who came out to my EdgePlay intensive and play party in Charlottesville this weekend — it was an absolutely amazing time!

An intensive should be intense… And I think it was! It was so nice to meet all of you and share our passions for this kind of play. I enjoyed seeing each one of you explore and play around with the concepts I taught, incorporating them into your own playing style. I am looking forward to hearing from about your future edge play experiences.

@eboni and @TaraWonder – you were fantastic demo bottoms throughout the intensive. Thank you!

Thank you @SiRoberto for photographing the weekend’s activities (and beyond!).

Very special thanks to @Curious-one for being the wonderful person you are and for hosting the intensive! You made our stay beyond amazing.

There were a few surprises that became reality for the curious ones at the play party in the evening (some of which that were delivered in small packages). I’ll post some pictures of those experiences in the next few days. One includes the double-decker barbwire suspension that @SiRoberto did with @Helen-Alexandria and @Curious-one.

I will send out the handout from intensive in the next few days. I have explored several topics related to the intensive in my writings. If interested, please see the links to these below:

Fcuk Wtih the Mnid: Canghnig Rlaeity Torhugh Haed Gemas
Connection and Creativity in Play and S/m

This was my very first time in beautiful Charlottesville. I am very much looking forward to coming back soon again!

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