Top-notch jute rope at great prices

Epic Yarns - Dallas, TX

Sir Cain of Epic Yarns (Dallas, TX) and Eric Pride have for the last 8 months worked together to develop a fantastic jute rope that (1) is fast to tie with, and (2) is super durable and can take a lot of use & abuse. It is available in natural, red, purple and black:

  • A one-ply jute rope: This rope, 5.5-5.7mm in diameter, has a soft lay with a wonderful handling and feel.
  • A two-ply jute rope: This rope, 5.5mm in diameter, has a medium lay, is fast to tie with and handles with great precision.

The jute used for these ropes is the highest quality Indian tossa jute yarn available. The red, purple and black ropes are made with dyed yarn, so the color goes all the way through the rope.

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