An amazing weekend for body and soul @ SWLC!

Southwest Leather Conference 2016 @SWLC_16

We returned yesterday to NYC after an amazing weekend at Southwest Leather Conference (SWLC) in Phoenix. With an average temperature in the lower 60s at this time of year (Friday, when we arrived, it was actually 75F), this is a perfect get-away to start off the New Year – especially in a year when NYC experienced one of the most severe blizzards in history!

While the weather is nice, this event is about so much more than just the weather!

SWLC is one of the five annual regional feeder contests (Northwest Leather Celebration, SouthEast LeatherFest, Master/slave Conference (Northeast) and Great Lakes Leather Alliance are the four other ones) for the International Master/slave contest at South Plains Leatherfest. SWLC is also the home for the Southwest Bootblack Contest, where the winners compete in International Mr Bootblack at IML and International Ms Bootblack at IMsL.

SWLC offers an awesome lineup of presenters from across the US, several cool play parties, socials, bootblacks and other festivities throughout the weekend.

This was my first time attending and presenting at this awesome event. I taught classes on heavy SM and rope: “Heavy Consensual S&M: Pushing It to the Edge,” and “Rope Improvisation: Thinking Outside the Box Tie.” Many thanks to all of you who came out to my classes – you gave me such a warm welcome and were so involved and interactive throughout. I am very grateful to InnerBeauty, Jjaye, KinkyKitty39, and TaraWonder who demo bottomed and otherwise helped out in my classes. You guys were awesome!

Maybe what SWLC is most well known for is its emphasis on spirituality that culminates in the five hour long Dance of Souls on Sunday. It is the “woo” conference with a big W, and a lifetime experience for any kinkster. The energy in the ballroom, where the dance was held, was incredible. TaraWonder and I danced for health and healing, for body and spirit – mens sana in corpore sano.

SWLC provided a lot of great opportunities to meet new people and socialize with old friends. It was so nice to see and hang out with you all guys (you know who you are!) from near and far. We enjoyed relaxing a bit in the hotel hot tub on Sunday before the Dance of Souls.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to judi, slave tina, Michael Anthony, tricia, Elegant, Uruk-Hai and the rest of the organizers and staff at SWLC for producing an awesome conference (where awesome is an understatement!).

We felt so welcome and at home and are very much looking forward to coming back soon again!

In leather and friendship, and love for life,
Eric Pride
New York City
January 27, 2016

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