How I Discovered Public Erotic Role Play


A guest post by nameless_rose

At C.O.P.E. 2015 I volunteered to be one of Eric Pride’s demo bottoms for his class, “Public Play: How to Play Discreetly in Front of Others”. I leapt at the chance to demo bottom, because it sounded like the perfect opportunity to explore public humiliation. Public erotic humiliation is something I had often fantasized about, but until my weekend at C.O.P.E. 2015, I had never had the opportunity to explore it. The idea of being made to feel embarrassed and flustered in front of an audience was both nerve-wracking and extremely arousing.

I got to Eric’s class as early as I could, so that I could receive instructions from him about what exactly I would be doing as a demo bottom. I secured a seat in the front row and then went over to where Eric was speaking with the other demo bottoms. I am shy when I meet new people, especially new people of a Dominant persuasion, but Eric was welcoming and friendly, and that helped to make me feel a little less shy.

He handed several of us folded pieces of paper, and told us not to look at them. There was something stapled to the inside of mine, but I couldn’t tell what it was. He told us that we were to go back to our seats, and that when he looked at us and nodded, we were to unfold the piece of paper he had given us. There were instructions printed on it, and if we felt comfortable doing so, we were to follow those instructions. I could feel my stomach tying itself into knots as I made my way back to my chair.

Eric began the class, and I found myself drawn into what he was saying even through my nervousness. He was such an engaging presenter that I almost forgot that I would soon have a task to perform. Twenty minutes or so into the class, Eric caught my eye and nodded at me. I unfolded the piece of paper sitting in my lap. I felt color sting my cheeks the moment that I saw what was written there, and my insides tightened up another notch.

Stapled to the paper was a packet containing four rubber bands. Two instructions had been printed on the paper. The first told me to leave the classroom and put the rubber bands on my wrists. Then I was to snap them against my skin every few minutes, as hard as I could. The second instruction was the one that made me blush. It said that sluts shouldn’t wear panties. I was to take mine off, roll them up into a ball, and hand them to Eric when I re-entered the classroom.

I rose from my seat and made my way out of the classroom, wondering if anyone in the audience noticed my red face. Once outside the classroom I slipped the rubber bands onto my wrists, and then stepped out of my panties. I was wearing a transparent dress, and I wondered how many people would notice that I was returning panty-less.

I re-entered the classroom. I made my way through the rows of people, feeling the heat in my face intensify with every step that I took towards Eric, who was at the front of the room. I clutched my panties in my hand and approached him, not sure how exactly he wanted this panty hand-off to occur. He didn’t acknowledge me at first, only continued addressing the audience, and the squirming tension inside of me intensified. My face felt like it was probably the same shade as an eggplant. I could feel the eyes of the audience on me. They were probably wondering what I was doing, standing there awkwardly, holding a ball of dark cloth clenched in one hand.

Eric stopped addressing the audience for a moment and reached out to take my panties from me. I handed them off to him, feeling simultaneously relieved to have accomplished my task, and embarrassed now that my panties were in the hands of a stranger. He placed my panties on the table behind him and continued speaking as if nothing had occurred. I noticed him giving cues to the other demo bottoms as he spoke, but it was difficult for me to tell exactly what they were doing.

After another fifteen minutes or so, Eric informed the class that he had been engaging in public erotic role play right in front of their eyes. He turned to the demo bottoms, and asked us to read the papers we had been given. When it was my turn, I tried to project my voice so that the whole room could hear me, even though I could feel my face heating up again. The tingle of heat in my cheeks became a burn when Eric reached behind him, unfurled my panties, and held them up in front of his face.

He asked me what color they were, and I managed to say fuchsia. Then he brought them to his nose and sniffed them, commenting that fuchsia smelled good. At that point my embarrassment circuits overloaded, and I did the only thing I can do in these situations: giggled like a moron and tried to hide behind my hair.

Eric used my example to illustrate to the audience how subtle yet effective public erotic role play can be. It was excruciating. He would put down my panties and seem to forget about them, and then return to them, holding them up in front of his body or picking them up and sniffing them. Every time he mentioned or touched my panties I felt heat flame into my cheeks, and a jolt in my stomach like I’d missed a step going downstairs. Someone sitting behind me told me later that they watched my back turn red throughout the class. Apparently, when I blush, my entire body joins in.

At one point Eric was describing how there are different gradations of erotic humiliation, and as an example he cranked up the emotional sadism on me a little. He brought my panties to his nose and asked when was the last time I’d washed them. I winced a little, feeling the color deepen in my cheeks and the increased squirming of my insides. Those panties were freshly washed, and I’d only been wearing them for a matter of hours, but they had been an exciting few hours. I started wondering how strong my smell was on them, and the embarrassment I felt deepened, almost becoming shame.

Eric intuited that he had pushed me a little bit too far, and told the class so. I was impressed and more than a little aroused that he was able to read my expressions and body language well enough to tell so quickly that he had cut a bit too deep. He went back to occasionally fondling or sniffing my panties, which was more than enough to keep me in a state of writhing, humiliated arousal for the remainder of the class.

At the end of class, I rather shyly went and got my panties back from Eric Pride. I thanked him for the awesome class, and he thanked me for being his demo bottom. Then I left the classroom, my skin finally returning to its normal temperature, and my insides slowly un-knotting themselves. I felt floaty and elated. It took me a few minutes to realize that I was in subspace. I learned that day that humiliation play is able to take me to a wonderful, euphoric place.

Eric’s class helped me discover that there are few things which make me feel more under another person’s power than erotic humiliation. Being humiliated puts me in a position of complete vulnerability. That is one of my favorite places to be. I am very much looking forward to exploring more of this avenue of mental sadomasochism.

Demo bottoming for Eric Pride was one of the highlights of my C.O.P.E. Weekend. Being subjected to erotic humiliation in front of such a large audience was thrilling, and fulfilling on a level I had not anticipated. I learned a lot about myself, and also about public erotic role play. I hope to have the opportunity to attend another one of Eric’s classes soon. I’m looking forward to seeing what else I might be able to learn about myself.

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    So wonderfully written!

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