La Domaine Esemar, an experience of love and passion (Upstate New York, July 11-12, 2015)

This weekend we visited the BDSM chateau known as La Domaine Esemar. (You will find their FL group “Friends of La Domaine Esemar” here.) Established in 1993 by Master R (@Master_LaDomaine), it is one of the oldest training chateaus in the world as well as a kinky bed & breakfast. They are not just good at what they do – no, they really excel at it!

A few glimpses and memories from our trip:

  • The scenic drive upstate along the Hudson
  • The lovely home cooked meals, cookies and cakes (yes, plural!)
  • @MissCouple and @Master_LaDomaine’s hospitably, friendship and mastery of their M/s household
  • The tremendous energy amongst the participants during the hands-on exercises in my workshop on connected and creative BDSM
  • @TaraWonder’s delightful and sexy facial expressions as she was seduced by the single tail for the first time
  • @Madamsbeaver’s sexy sounds and noises as his cherry was popped (which one, you say? I’ll leave you in the dark…)
  • The midnight champagne toast with the hosts and guests, after an evening of play and passion
  • The late night candle light bath, accompanied by a wonderful massage
  • Being woken up by the morning sun and delightful bird song
  • The walk through the striking nature in the surroundings, with tasty (spicy indeed!) mushrooms expertly selected by @Master_LaDomaine
  • . . . and much much more!

Many thanks to @Master_LaDomaine and @MissCouple for having us this weekend! It was really wonderful to get to know you and spend time together, inside and outside of the dungeon. Your love and passion for what you do is remarkable and extraordinary. Our sincere thanks to the mistresses in training, slaves and submissives who provided dedicated service throughout the weekend and shared your stories and smiles.

We are looking forward to coming back!

PS. Yes? I am glad you asked… As you stay overnight at the B&B, you can choose to wake up to hot coffee and yummy homemade pancakes, or to an intense whipping on the dungeon cross (maybe with some tears on top!). The choice is yours entirely.

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