South Plains Leatherfest 2015 was amazing! (Dallas, TX, March 13-15, 2015)

Do you want to know a little “secret”? This was my first time in Texas. What a first time it was.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to @MasterJimTx, @slavemarsha, @Cougar and all the other organizers and staff at SPLF. SPFL was a wonderful success and true pleasure to attend and present at.

Congratulations to Master Kevin and slave feyrie for winning the title of International Master / slave 2015. All the contestants were truly amazing.

I taught in the S&M track this year, covering some of my favorites amongst the edgier topics:

  • “Interrogation: The Border Between Play and Reality,” and
  • “Heavy Consensual S&M: Pushing It To the Edge.”

Thank you for the warm welcome I received. You guys were so involved and interactive throughout – I had a blast presenting for you. Special thanks to @Eboni, @taunting_sarah, @twistedleather, @VioletWanda, and @TomsSunflower for demo bottoming in my classes. You guys were amazing and made me look better than ever!

SPLF provided a lot of great opportunities to meet new people and socialize with old friends. I am much looking forward to seeing you soon again!

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