Nuggets From “Rope Me In” & “Masque” in Philadelphia (December 27, 2014)


Wow, what a weekend this was! Did you also think so?

On the train back to NYC this afternoon, I was mulling my many awesome memories from this weekend. Let me share some of my main “nuggets” with you:

1. The kick ass classes at “Rope Me In” with some of our most talented riggers:

  • BlueRisk & DiamondSamurai
  • Dov
  • MataLeao & WickedBlueGlow
  • Matty

Personally, I always learn something new from these amazing guys whenever I see them. This time was no exception. I loved the fact that all of these classes were focused on tying… tying all throughout. Because that is how you learn rope. You have to tie, tie, and tie… Until you are so tired you think you cannot tie anymore. And that is when you have another sip of water, and then you start tying again.

2. Masque was phenomenal.

Phenomenal for a reason. How so?

Here is how… You furnish one of the largest play spaces on the east coast with dungeon equipment, suspension rigs, hard points (I counted over a dozen of them!), massage tables, and much more… Then you have over 250 people show up to play – people of all genders, ages, experience levels, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and kink interests.

And play we did – and then we played some more. You guys showed what great S&M is all about. The place pulsated and rocked. Literally.

3. Having people with a common interest come together. That is community building.

We have a strong community on the east coast. In most cities a great challenge for the local communities is to find space to meet and hang out, and space to organize parties in.

It is not easy to find good event spaces. Good spaces are very expensive to rent and lease, if the owners want to rent them out to the kink community in the first place. So when the community finds a good space, it is important to support it.

Thanks to all of you who supported Rope Me In and Masque this weekend by coming out. All of you guys contribute to our community. Remember that one of the best ways to support the community is by coming out.

We have an awesome community with so much energy, talent and dedication. And that is YOU.

4. The tremendous commitment and time many people put in.

Think about this people… Nobody can pull off these events by themselves. (Let’s admit it, not even Batman would be able to!) It requires tremendous commitment and time by A LOT of people. By way of example, SiRoberto and his great crew worked tirelessly Friday through Monday to set up the space, run operations for the event, and then break everything down again.

Many others worked hard for these events too. You know who you are. Thank you for what you do for the community.

5. Meeting people.

I love going to events – educational events as well as play parties. (Admittedly, I have a soft spot in my heart for high quality lifestyle education. Not just about play and S&M, but also on communication and alternative lifestyle relationships.)

For me though, most of the time it is not about the events themselves. It is about the people I get to meet, hang out with, and learn from at the events. You make all the difference.

This weekend I got to reconnect with old friends I had not seen in a while. I also had a chance to meet many new people. Special times, I call it.

And yes, I also had some amazing scenes. Both in the context of photo shoots before the party started, as well as regular play. Thank you guys and gals. You all made me feel very special.

Lastly, thank you all for an awesome weekend in Philadelphia. SiRoberto and I promise this is not the last time. We hope to share many more special times like these together with you and the community we love.

In leather and friendship, and love for life,
Eric Pride

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