The Leather Leadership Conference (LLC) was Amazing! (Philadelphia, April 11-13, 2014)

Our weekend at LLC 2014 in Philadelphia was fantastic. This is an event for and with community leaders and presenters in the lifestyle from all over the US.

I’d like to thank Cowboi Jen, slave tina, Zeb, slave passion, 705, and all the other organizers and staff that made LLC 2014 such a great success. It was a true honor to be part of LLC 2014.

After lunch on Saturday, I gave the presentation “Effective and Interactive Teaching Techniques For Play and S&M.” Many thanks to all of you who came to it and for the great warm welcome we received.

One of the suggestions I made is that we as educators should offer more classes for the intermediate and advanced crowd. A typical breakdown at a lifestyle event (or educational offerings by an organization) is that 75% – 85% (sometimes more!) of the classes are for beginners, and only 15% – 25% are for people with intermediate and advanced level skills. I suggest class descriptions entail the required skill level (e.g. differentiate between beginner, intermediate and advanced level classes; or simply state “open to all”), and clearly state what prerequisites and previous experiences are needed to be able to participate in hands-on / interactive elements of the class.

Of course, nobody should be excluded from a class – whether beginner or otherwise – but people should be made aware that some elements might require knowledge of certain techniques that the instructor will assume the participants have a basic knowledge of. For example, an intermediate rope bondage class may list single and double column ties as well as a (suspension worthy) chest harness amongst the prerequisites. The bottom line is that if we want the intermediate and advanced crowd to continue to come to our educational events, we need to provide more classes for them!

I very much enjoyed your insightful comments and ideas during my presentation. These are such important topics, as classes and presentations have become an important resource for learning in our community.

One of my favorite aspects of LLC is that those who attend classes are often educators, and contribute exhilarating and relevant material as attendees. It is ironic that I often gain the greatest insights on teaching from the input of my class participants!

If you attended the class but didn’t have a chance to sign the mailing list for the handouts, please PM me or email

I hope to see you again soon!

Until next time, in leather and friendship, and love for life,

Eric Pride


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