Interrogation Scenes

I gave my presentation “Interrogation: The Border Between Play and Reality” for LILNR last night. The crowd transmitted such a wonderful beam of energy, making it a true pleasure to present. Talk about topspace :)

    That’s what makes it so great to come out to Long Island. 

As a top, I love interrogation play. Yet, at the same time I fear it as the reactions and outcomes are not predictable. In some ways it is like playing with fire – you want the scene to heat up and get hot, but yet not fully burn your subjects. I think that it is partly this dichotomy that creates the thrill of it all. Of course, this also means you have to be very careful and respectful in what you do, making sure you don’t inflict any long-term physical or psychological harm. 

I wish I could do interrogation scenes more often – but I know, it is not every bottom’s cup of tea. I’m looking forward to hearing about yours! 

Thank you Amiko, limer, and boy kevin for offering your bodies and souls for a good cause last night. Thank you Bob and Spike for having us present. Oh, and boy kevin’s card? Jack of diamonds. And no, he had not forgotten the name of the card. 

Here are some questions for you: 

  • Do you like interrogation scenes? And if so, what do you like with them? 
  • What kind of interrogation scenes have you done?

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  1. joeyred51 · August 8, 2012 at 6:27 pm · Reply

    I attended the session last night. I was impressed with on many levels: 1) You displayed skill as a presenter by engaging the group in continuous Q&A; 2) the information provided about structuring an interrogation session was excellent and extensive; 3) the demos were expertly conducted providing a reinforcement of the material discussed during the presentation.

    Bravo and thank you,


  2. joeyred51 · August 8, 2012 at 6:37 pm · Reply

    Answer to Questions:
    I really enjoy interrogation scenes. For me, they incorporate many of the elements of BDSM that I find emotionally satisfying. Yes. I am a sub/masochist, but I also thrive on the intellectual and mental challenge provided by the experience.
    I have testified as an expert witness for six hours requiring all of my intellectual ability.

    Also, in the BDSM world, I have experienced an interrogation and beating by an expert trio of tops. And, I was questioned using my second language and strapped. During the scene, I had to count strokes in the foreign language and ask for more.

  3. dave94015 · August 21, 2012 at 4:06 am · Reply

    I regularly interrogate my partner. Mostly edging her while instilling fear with my toys (she’s not into a lot of pain but is easily scared). I guess I like her to confess her darkest secrets (usually fantasies) after hours of play.
    I like your writing on Fetlife and would consider attending one of your sessions to learn more. I requested to follow your tweets. -D

  4. Sarah · November 17, 2013 at 12:28 am · Reply

    I’ve done several interrogation scenes over the years with some pretty amazing Tops. One that was set up over an entire weekend. For me, it’s the fear. I’ve always been a fear player. I love what I hate. If someone can scare me with a feather….then more power to them. Interrogation has to be believable to me. I.e there has to be something inherently believable in the scenario for me to buy it. As an example, In one scene the top used my honesty against me. It was a real life scenario so I had to choose between betraying the secret of a friend or ruining my Tops birthday surprise. Neither of which would I ever choose to do. It was real. The pain and fear were real. I’d rather endure extreme amounts of pain than betray a secret i discovered. Interrogation is intense and the intensity is what gets me.

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